Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pictures to catch up

Since we have been in the USA now for 7 months I guess its only right to catch up and what better way than to just post some pictures. So here goes.

 Marius learning to fill up the car with gas on his own

First time on Temple Square
The top of the conference Centre
Inside the Conference Centre
Inside the Conference Centre
Jacob Hanberg, Marius, Aaron Wood
First experience with Coldstone ice cream. Small, medium and large
Jordan River Temple
Moroni in the church History Museum. this model is a little smaller than the ones on the temples
Mischief learning to walk on a lead
CyndiKim in the park

First meeting with Ethan & Kylie

CyndiKim trying to behave in the shopping cart
Mischief trying out snow for the first time
CyndiKim helping with the laundry
At the Church History Museum. 
CyndiKim holding to the iron rod while walking the straight and narrow
The great and spacious building in the background
CyndiKim eating from the Tree of Life
Pres. Hinckley and his tree from which the podium was made
She loves her dolls

Introduction to Slurpees (slush puppy).
 Here you fill your own cup and then pay at the counter
First snow
Mischief in the snow
Marius in the snow
Easter Weekend
Opening easter eggs
See the easter bunny down there having pictures taken with the kids?
Note how CyndiKim hid between my legs when he appeared.
She wasn't too sure about this giant rabbit!

Mormon Tabernacle Choir at General Conference
Layne and his birthday cake
Layne teaching CyndiKim prison safety with a knife
Casey and Cyndi opening easter eggs
Casey & Cyndi in the park
Cool Kid
Mischief making himself comfortable
Time out
Casey and CyndiKim
Layne's graduation
Marius playing cricket with the sub-continent neighbours
A visit with the Raubenheimers

CyndiKim :)
CyndiKim and Layne
BYU Campus with a rugby ball we found
Oquirrh Mountain Temple
SA products at the London Market
downtown SLC
At the concert...Kansas on stage
Foreigner on stage
Styx on stage
Styx live concert
Memorial Day at a local cemetery

Draper Temple
Salt Lake Temple
from the observation deck of the
Church Office Building
Conference Centre
Observation Deck
Temple Square
Restoration of the Priesthood

Scale model of Salt Lake Temple


4th of July parade

Lunch with Joe & Mary Mildenhall
Our Temple sealing
Jordan River Temple
14 July 2010
shared & Britney
Lance Perry & his mom Robbyne
Eric & Cassie Adams
The greatest hometeacher
Layne, Shared & Britney
Marius, Lynette, Casey, Layne, Shared
Charne, Rory, Lynette, Marius
All the guests
Creative photography by Casey

On the trax to Temple Square
Ethan & CyndiKim
CyndiKim & Kylie
Two strong wills
The fountain outside the Church Office Building

Layne & CyndiKim eating colored chocolate

Pioneer Day Parade
President Uchtdoff led the parade

Mischief on the balcony
He really misses the freedom of the outdoors

A rainbow in Payson
Outside Rory & Charne's house